Blow Dry Style     $28 & up

Formal Updo       $65 & up

Full Perm              $90 & up

Partial Perm         $75 & up

Spiral Perm          $65/hour & up


*Prices start at this level and vary based on experience of the designer.


The Details


Not sure what is what on the menu above? Here's your guide:


Blow Dry Style

Starting with wet hair, each section is lifted off the scalp. The reason for lifting hair off the scalp is so the natural oils won't effect the hair—meaning that your hair won't get as oily as it would otherwise. This allows you to go longer between washing and adds fullness and control.

Unlike many styles, a blowout typically lasts two or more days. Remember the ladies that used to (or still do) style their hair with a roller set once a week? It's a similar concept. The goal is to get your style to last as long as it can.

Formal Style

Special Event or occasion? Give us a call or stop in to consult with one of our designers on perfecting your look.


Permanent Waving:

The Modern perm is not restricted to extra voluminous frizzy hair of the past. Now you can vary the size and tightness of your curls ending up with a personalized hairstyle that does not shout “Oh, yeah, it’s a perm!”


Full Perm or Spiral Perm

In this technique, your designer will apply a permanent wave to all of your hair. A consultation is key as there are many different looks and textures that can be achieved. From tight ringlets to looser spirals, your designer will guide you to the perfect curl for you.

Partial Perm

The same as above but only part of the hair would be permanently waved. Used primarily on short hair to add volume or styling control.


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